Valentine Calculation Solitaire

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Calculation Solitaire

Calculation Solitaire is a very quirky solitaire card game where the player is trying to build up 4 piles of cards skipping numbers by the amount on a card that is to the right of that pile. When you are dealt a card, you can either move it into one of the 4 destination piles (if it has a value those piles need). Or you can move the card into a temporary holding pile. When you put a card into one of these 5 piles you have to take them off in the reverse order you put them in. Also you can't move the cards between these 5 piles, you have to move them from there to one of the destination piles. To make it easier to understand which card needs to be put into what pile, I put the value of the card you need to place next in the destination pile to the left of that pile.